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High Density Pallet Storage

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High Density Pallet Storage Rack Systems
High Density Pallet Storage
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Maximum Density Flow Rail System

Introducing the next generation of pushback/pallet flow storage technology…
High Density Pallet Storage System

Easily store up to 10 pallet positions deep!

The new “High Density” pallet flow storage system by Exglobe is designed to provide all of the benefits of traditional high-density pallet racking (drive-in, push-back, pallet flow) without the drawbacks associated to storing 6 or more pallet positions deep

Tutorial Video - SurePik Automation WMS Software -   Warehouse Management  made Simple  - #wms #warehouse 

 SurePik Automation WMS Software -   Warehouse Management  made Simple  - #wms #warehouse 

WMS software & controls  - warehouse management made simple #3pl #supplychain

Material Handling Inc. (SJF.com) today anounced it has entered into a Master Distributor agreement with new partner SurePik Automation, LLC. SurePik Automation (SPA) specializes in inventory management software and automated control systems designed to maximize warehouse efficiency. It handles all material movement including, receiving, warehousing, order fulfillment and shipping applications.